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* 1 person to be her everything. She imprints hard and only has eyes for her person.

* will go on walks but wants to be on her person’s heels.

* Velcro dog. Ok,to others but is smitten with her one and only. Would rather not be picked up by others

* prefers being cuddled, carried, on your lap, next to you or touching you in any way possible

* ok with other dogs and cats but wants her human beloved to be only hers.

* would rather not be left alone a lot


Precious and adorable Poppy is ready for a home of her own! This amazingly wonderful girl grew up with a dog breeder and was forced to have many litters. She is super excited to be out of there and now living in a home where she is cuddled, fed regularly and loved unconditionally. She is a smart girl and is doing well with learning to potty outside for the first time in her life. She is healthy, microchipped, spayed and up-to-date on shots and is small at 8 pounds and maybe 6 years old. She will take a day or two to trust her new family. However love and patience will allow her to blossom into the sweetheart she is meant to be.

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Bichon Frise Age 8 years Weight 12 pounds Status spayed