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If you’re ready to add your next family member, please read through this information so you can become familiar with our adoption process!

The first step to adopting your new buddy is to apply for the dog you’re interested in by clicking “Adopt this dog” beside their name under the Adoptable Dogs tab, or by clicking on “forms” and filling out the adoption application you will find under “Adoption Forms”. 

Once your application is submitted, please allow 24-72 hours, depending on the day you submit it, for our approvals team to contact you. If you received an automated email after you submitted your application, we DID receive your app. 

If your adoption application is approved, your application will be sent to the foster of the dog you’re interested in.

If you are already an approved adopter and you are interested in a dog of ours, please click the “forms” tab, and then fill out the three question form called “Already an approved adopter”. This will allow our approvals team to learn of your interest in a specific dog, and send your application along to his/her foster home.

If you haven’t heard from the foster parent of the dog you’re interested in, please be patient with us. We are all volunteers and some of our dogs (luckily) get a lot of interest! It can be overwhelming for fosters at times, but they do their best to contact everyone in a timely manner!

All of our dogs are adoptable for a fee of $350. Your dog will be spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for any ailments they had when they arrived in our care. The check and contract are due upon receiving your new family member!