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Our team is second to none in every sense of the meaning. We couldn't have a group with more heart, dedication, passion and enthusiasm for what we do - SAVING DOGS!! Every one of them has jobs, families, lives, hobbies, etc and still manage to make time to volunteer with Releash Atlanta and work with our affiliated rescues, to help make adoption EASIER for you! We want NO excuses to not adopt, that is why we are here!

Kristin - Founder - Chariman of the board

I think I have had every different animal you can find, ride, adopt or catch since I was a kid. I have an extra soft spot for dogs, they're innocent and voiceless and often end up in the wrong hands so once I learned of this "rescue world" I never looked back. I have 8, yes 8 of my own dogs and there isn't a lot of times we don't have a foster thrown in the mix, too. I am happy to have found an amazing number of people that share my passion, and have a common goal of helping people adopt! I have a career in medical sales, I enjoy boating, attempting to cook, spending time with family/friends, hiking, biking and of course, getting dogs out of the shelter! 

DD - Board Member - Event Coordinator

I am a mother of three and a pediatric nurse of many many years. I have a huge passion for animals and for rescue. I started fostering about two years ago and now I am a board member for Releash Atlanta! I enjoy coordinating our vetting, events and matching needs! 

Rhonda - Approvals Team Lead/Foster Mentor

I was always one of "those" kids and I love all animals. I brought every hurt or sick bird, cat, or dog home. Actually, any animal I could hide under my shirt and carry into my room was subject to me bringing in to save. Yep, I even had a skunk for a while. I've had from large horses and Great Danes to the tiny little four legged muppets and have loved them all. I love fostering. There is nothing more rewarding then to see a hurt, scared, or just plain thrown away animal, learn they are safe and blossom into the great companion they were always meant to be. They love us unconditionally and I can do no less for them. Our animals deserve the best and at Releash Atlanta, that's exactly what they get!



Melissa - Website/Petfinder Team

Melissa has been involved in rescue since 2010, when she got her first foster dog. Since then she's fostered hundreds of dogs and has been called the "small dog whisperer" on more than one occasion. 🙂 When Melissa first started fostering, she had one dog. Now she has four dogs, a cat and a [human] baby!

Alex - CFO

Alex is a wealth consultant at Atlanta Capital Group but has a soft spot for helping animals as well! He is not only our CFO, but helps with events and fundraising too! We are so happy to have Alex as part of our team!


Helen - Match Coordinator - Team Lead

To my family, friends and co-workers I am known as the “animal lover”. Rescuing animals is a passion of mine. It can be stressful at times but I could never give up. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. I also foster and pet sit so there is always a full house. I have a daughter who I hope to be a good example for, teach her to love and treat animals with respect. Show her the value of life. Animals love us unconditionally and we can do no less for them.

Jill - Adoption Team & Petfinder Team

I don't remember a time in my life that I didn't have any animals, and I can't imagine I'll ever be without one, two or three at a time. We have had many fosters in our home over the years, and I love how passionate my 3 children are about caring for them. Our family is very active and constantly on the move. We enjoy the lake, hiking, biking, sporting events, and of course we bring along our 4 legged friends any chance we get.

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