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Meet the Empress Josephine (Josie). Proper bows or curtsies are preferred! Her previous handmaiden passed away and has been slumming with us here at Releash. She is in search of a new retinue. She plans to rule her subjects benevolently, but small ones with grabby fingers will not be tolerated. Other furries must be properly deferential to her majesty. Josie is a mature and opinionated purebred dachshund. She prefers not to discuss her age and weight but will tell you she’s six years old and weighs 8 pounds. She’s actually nine years old and weighs 15 pounds. Such a lady! She’s all the things we love about a dachshund! Smart, sassy, and a burrower of all blankets.

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Dachshund Age 9 years Weight 15 pounds Status spayed