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The time has come!! You may remember me as the sick, snotty nose, defeated shepherd sitting in the shelter struggling to breath, but I’m back to myself thanks to the Releash ladies and my favorite vet staff. Foster ma’ has taken real good care of me and nursed me back to tip top shape! She’s a great cook and put the pounds back on me so that I could reach my full potential. But now she says that it’s my turn to find a forever family and I’m super excited!! I guess I should formally introduce myself.. my name is Sabi and I am a 3 year old German Shepherd. I’m looking for a family that enjoys walks outside and provides a selection of toys and treats- my two favorite T’s. I’m good with dogs my size, but I’d rather a home without the pesky little ones, especially the yappy ones and the ones that they call “cats”. I am also in search for a home where I won’t be stuck in a crate, I’ve been to doggy jail once and I like my life better on the other side of the bars if ya know what I mean. On top of being stunningly handsome, I’m also a smart boy too! I know exactly where to do my business and sleep through the night like a perfect angel. I wouldn’t mind a family that will give me lots of loves and rubs, and I don’t even mind a good brushing every now and then! If you haven’t noticed, I stay pretty true to my breeds genes of being a loyal and smart, it just comes naturally. Unfortunately another thing that comes naturally to shepherds is genetically bad hips. Right now I’m not too bothered by them and I get a tasty joint treat every day (YUM!) but as I get older I may need more medication to keep me comfortable. Until then I’m happy to run my heart out in my futures family fenced yard! So enough about me, I want to get to know you! If you’ve been pacing back and forth waiting for me to become available, wait no more!! Apply for me today!!

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Pet Details
Gender Male Breed German Shepherd Age 3 years Weight 68 pounds Status neutered