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-Commitment to daycare or someone that does not work all day  

-Commitment to obedience training due to size

-Plenty of exercise (Loves Toys Treats Tug-a-war with foster brother Labrador. Stuffed toys being sacrificed daily for their enjoyment Time spent outside)

-Good with other dogs, cats and original home had children.

-She can be extremely playful and active something to think about with small children.


Bio ❤️

Just me Athena here named after the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and strength just to name a few. Athena is also a shrewd companion of heroes and is the goddess of heroic endeavour... but really I am a six month old Saint Bernard mix puppy weighing in at a hefty 46 lbs. I am all jumping, happy energetic puppy. Foster mom has started my Manners 101 training but because of my size I will need obedience classes regularly for at least the first year. I am smart and willing to learn if I can just control my excitement. I am crate trained and housebroken with supervision. However, being a puppy I can not at this age or maturity be expected to stay home 8 hrs a day crated by myself. I think I would like to go to daycare if my parents work so I am well socialized and get to play all day. I am a bundle of lovable puppy so if you are a hero and need a shrewd companion.. please apply for me today!!!

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed 75% Saint Bernard! Age 6 months Weight 47 pounds Status spayed