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- no cats

- only low-energy dogs 

- consistent exercise


Athena is a Saint Bernard Mix and she was surrendered to us when she was young, about 4 months old. She was surrendered at the end of the major socialization period for puppies. She was amazing at her foster home where she lived with small dogs and big ones. She was then adopted but we realized when she came back it was not the type of adopter she needed.

Athena is not an overly affectionate touchy feely kind of dog. She is very intelligent and extremely food motivated. She yearns to be taught what is expected of her and simply being corrected for what is wrong without teaching her what is right is very confusing for her. She absolutely thrives with good positive direction! Show her with treats when she’s doing what you desire and she is golden.

Physically she needs consistent exercise but other dogs can be over stimulating her. When she’s over stimulated she becomes mouthy out of frustration. She’s still learning self control and how to deal with frustration but she’s rocking learning: leash skills, sitting before jumping when meeting people, taking treats calmly and with no teeth, paying attention, and enjoying playing fetch and sometimes returning said ball! She will surely be a WONDERFUL addition to someone who understands she’s SMART and wants to learn!

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed 75% Saint Bernard! Age 8 months Weight 50 pounds Status spayed