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FOSTER UPDATE!! Savannah is so sweet and the most trusting pup. She just wants lots of love and lap time. In addition to her terrific temperament, she is house trained and great with dogs and people! 

We found this little girl in a pile of trash days ago and were trying to find her owners. Well that didn't happen but what we DID find is that SHE IS PREGNANT and DUE in 3 days! Could you imagine?! This tiny, mangey baby giving birth in this pile of trash? Where she has spent DAYS waiting for her "owners" to come take her back? Trusting in the people that dumped her? Can you imagine her welcoming her beautiful babies into this world only knowing abandonment, fear, cruelty and THIS pile as your only home?? Your only option to keep your babies safe?

My heart is pounding as I type this. I am furious at humans for putting her in this deplorable situation and panicked because we are not prepared for her and her babies! We are SO glad we have her and she is safe and will NEVER ever be in a position like this again, but right now - WE NEED YOU!! We found Savannah with one of her puppies (from her last litter maybe?) and the two of them PLUS all of the babies will need to be fully vetted (and treated)!

Please donate to Savannah ASAP! We can't do this without you!

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We are WELCOMING foster offers if anyone is familiar with pregnant moms and newborn babies!! to apply to foster!

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Dachsund Mix Age 1.5 years old Weight 12lbs Status