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Hi, I'm Yolo, butmy foster family calls me Elvis. My foster dad is the absolute worst! I just spent the past 6 weeks at training, and now, not even one day with me and he is already testing me on what I know. Yes, I know how to sit. No, I will not shake your hand. This is a new environment with so many dog scent, there is no way I am going to stay in one spot when I can explore.

I am having to stay in a crate where I can see all my new friends play and when I do come out he is testing me by making me wear eyeglasses. Something about seeing how I would pay attention to hand gestures, willingness and patience for treats, how quickly I pick up on what he wants me to do. I did not enjoy the exercise but I sure got a lot of peanut butter and honey treats.

My first night wasn't all bad, I got to be on a comfortable couch watching The Walking Dead with him, I am glad it was not a scary episode or so I am told. I went on long walks today with my new friends and I like them, I even got in a little play time in the sun. I got extra treats after our walk because he said I was fantastic on a leash, the best in the pack.

Because I am a puppy my foster dad is teaching me how to walk on a treadmill to help drain my energy. Right now I don't think I would be good in a home with small kids because I like to run fast and don't know how to work the breaks yet but I am working on being more gentle when I leave my crate or when I hear my name.

It is almost dinner time so I better get off the computer and let him get back to work. You don't even want to know the music my foster dad is making me listen to while he works. And I think he is going to give me a bath tonight, please send help....

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Gender Male Breed Pit Bull Terrier Age 2 years Weight 50 lbs Status neutered