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Oh my gosh do I have a to-die-for girl for you! Little Corrine was rescued a few months back with her sister Astrid and her sister from another mister, Taylor. All three of them were terrified and had clearly had limited to no positive human interaction in their life. On top of that, they all seemed to have a few screws loose if ya know what I mean and Corrine suffered from a broken front leg that had to be surgically reparied with a pin and screws... A couple months later and this little lady is the sweetest, most adorable 7-pounder you have ever laid eyes on! She is a spry little nugget with a lot of love to give. Corrine loves to be right by your side and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to snuggle. If you are on the couch, she expects to be in your lap. If you are taking a cat nap, she will gladly snuggle up against you for the cutest snooze you ever did see! If you are going for a ride in the car, she will happily be your co-pilot and even sings along to songs she really likes.

Corrine gets along great with other dogs, but would do best in a home with a laid back dog, as rambunctious dogs can overwhelm her. She adores children of all ages, and tolerates almost anything they put her through, including dressing her up in build-a-bear outfits (HOLY CUTENESS!). She is fully house trained and crate trained, and currently stays in a puppy pen with no complaints when her fommy isn't home. Corrine walks great on a leash, although when she gets the zoomies she is known to run around you in circles and get your legs all tangled up. She loves everyone she meets, gladly "booping" the faces of strangers with light nose touches and adorning the people she knows and loves with rapid kisses and tail wags. 

Although her foster mom will say she is perfection in every way and shape imaginable, we do have to let you know that... well.. she isn't the brightest crayon in the box. She has what her foster mom calls a bobble head, when she gets excited or is thinking it bobs back and forth- cutest thing in the entire world I may add! Corrine has difficulty determining what direction sounds are coming from and can get overwhelmed or lost if she is left alone in a large/open layout. We had her examined by a board-certified neurologist in fear that she had something going on with her brain, but she got a clear bill of health from him, confirming that she is just a little special! Corrine will never be a dog known for her intelligence, but she will keep you laughing with her quirkiness and love.

Ideally her foster mom would like to see her go to a home where someone is not gone for long hours during the day and does not have any large dogs. Corrine requires a special home and a special family, but we know they are out there!!

  Not Yet Available
Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Papillon Mix Age 3 years Weight 7 lbs Status spayed