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This is Max! He reminds us of college mornings when you had a late night with friends but are really trying to pull it together for finals. Max is a puppy and he is C.U.T.E!

Max came to us with a short list of requests for his forever home and we are here to serve, so here it is! Max NEEDS another dog/s. He just has to have a dog friend. He came from a crap past where people were not nice to him, and he gains confidence from other dogs. So, that's number one.

Number two, he needs someone with patience, remember we said he had a crap past? Well, he takes a minute to warm up to new people, but once you're in his circle of trust, he will share his deepest darkest secrets with you and will ask if you want to get BFF tattoos on spring break.

Number 3, crap past again - that was caused by kids - so he does okay with kids, but they need to be dog savvy kids that won't scare the bejeezus out of him for fun, sad to have to say it - but it happens!

Max is fine warming a lap that needs it, but he also likes to party so he would love someone who gets that! He likes walks, to play in the yard, to romp with his mandatory doggie friend and he LOVES treats! This is a smart puppy but he had, wait for it, a crap past, so he needs someone to understand HIM and will love him through his struggles, and guide him so that he can be the best dog he can be for the rest of his life!

Max is a tiny package with a fun, happy personality and he is looking for someone who can appreciate that! He is only 7ish months old and is ready to be your new best friend!

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Pet Details
Gender Male Breed Yorkie Mix Age 7 months Weight 11 pounds Status neutered