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We would LOVE for Lila to be adopted with her BFF Henry!!!!

"Hello Releash family! It's Henry here, reporting in for the dynamic duo Henry and Lila, and we're excited to be speaking with you today! I'll be doing most of the talking here, well, because I'm more mature at 10 months old, that's why."

"Henry, that's not fair! I'm plenty capable of representing us...unless of course, I get distracted. Oooo leaf! Let me chase it!"

"See, this is why I should do the talking, Lila. Anyways, as I was saying, we're really excited to share more about us with you. My foster mom told me we're like Instagram-famous, or whatever that means, but that our Releash family has been wanting to know more and that it will help us find our forever family so here it goes! Lila and I are best friends (despite our height difference) and so we'd love to go to a family that is looking for two awesomely adorable, sweet, smart pups so that we can stay together."

"Henry! Ask if there's going to be toys at this new fo-eva home thingy."

"Ok, Lila, we'll make sure there are toys. But there are more important things we need to tell them first. As you may know, I was once what they call a feral dog (I'm pretty sure feral is code for awesome) so I can be a little shy at first with new humans, but I am a very curious and a sweet-natured boy who is willing to get to know anyone who is patient and goes slow with me. Ask my foster ma - she gets Henry kisses all the time! I'm a big Lab-mix at 60 lbs, and my foster ma thinks I still might grow a bit more. I've been mastering this whole walking on a leash thing (thanks to Lila) and I haven't had a single accident in the house, which I'm particularly proud of."

"Henry, let me talk pllleeeeease!! I got the leaf and I'm ready to pay attention now."

"Ok Lila, go ahead."

"Thanks! Ok, so, as you can see I'm still a puppy at 11 weeks old but I'm really smart and I'm getting all A's in my studies such as potty training, sleeping through the night, crate training etc.! I love all humans, dogs and I probably love kitties a little too much. I still don't understand why they run away from me, I just want to play! Most of all I love Henry. We play all the time and he's so gentle with me despite being so much bigger! I can be a bit sassy and high energy, but also love my snuggles."

"Ok thanks Lila, my turn again. So hopefully this gives you all more information about who we are so you can help us find the best forever home possible. We'd love to have a big fenced yard to play in, but somewhere where we can take lots of walks and get dog park time works too. A household with kids would be fine, but I would probably do best with kids who are a little older or know to be gentle with me. Most of all, we just want to be together. Could you be that perfect family? Please apply for us at"

Love, Henry and Lila

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Shepherd maybe mix? Age 2 months as of 2.14.18 Weight 7lbs Status spayed