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This little sweetheart is Royce, a darling 18 lb 4 year old male neutered Bichon mix who is recovering from FHO surgery to repair his hip and is actively searching for his forever home.

Here’s what Royce has to say:
“Have you ever felt like your hip joint “popped?” You know how uncomfortable that is, right? Well that was my reality every day until the amazing volunteers and supporters at Releash Atlanta helped me to make it better by finding a great orthopedic veterinarian and funding my surgery. I am well on my way to gaining full use of my left leg again. I’m now doing physical therapy with my foster mommy which includes lots of “Fommy and Me time” with leashed potty walks, exercising my leg (with treats for my trouble), and….the best part of all….that smart bone doctor actually prescribed MASSAGE to help me heal. How awesome is that?! I think it’s just supposed to be my leg that gets massaged, but when I act “real adorable” (which is like all the time), my Fommy just can’t help herself and I get head-to-toe massages several times a day. I am a black belt in acting ridiculously cute, and my favorite place may well be my human’s lap, either tummy side up or down, depending on what parts need rubbing at that particular moment.

I’m ready to find my forever home now. I’m housebroken and I will go to the door when I want to go “out”. I’m not really much of a yapper, except in a crate. I don’t love crates, but I have made my peace with the puppy pen, since it is outfitted with a breakfast nook and an orthopedic bed. I could be ok hanging out there while you’re not home. I do well with dogs both large and small…honestly, not sure about cats. I love to wrestle with dogs around my size or a little bigger, and with dogs waaay bigger, I mostly just steer clear. I would be ok being an only dog, since my human is my main focus, but I do love and learn from other dogs, so I’d really like to hang out at least from time to time with other dogs that like to play. My favorite chew toys are buffalo horns…and com’on, who doesn’t love a peanut butter Kong?
My Fommy says I can be a bit wary when I first meet someone.. I learn to trust a person pretty quickly who is predictable, calm, and kind, and a little chicken jerky goes a long way to smooth introductions, if you catch my drift 😀. I’ll need an adopter who is comfortable doing some physical therapy exercises with me for a few more weeks, and then the Doc say’s I’ll be “good as new” and can run and play with the best of them.

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Pet Details
Gender Male Breed Bichon Age 4 years Weight 18 pounds Status neutered