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Well heeelloooo world! You may be thinking, who is this outrageously cute and adorable girl, it’s me, it’s me!! The name is Blossom, probably because I am as sweet as a flower and my personality blossomed as soon as those crazy rescue ladies saved me!

Y’all may not recognize me, but I was actually saved a couple months ago! I’ve been laying on the down low because I had to have surgery to fix my ouchie broken leg, but now I’m on the up-and-up!! Foster mommy (fommy) made me stay super calm and quiet in my cage for TWO WHOLE MONTHS which is basically torture for a 4 month old pupper like me- but it all paid off because now that my bone has healed I can run and do all my zoomies pain free!! I still have some rehab to do to get back into tip-top shape but I couldn’t contain my excitement and had to say hello!!

Fommy says now that I am off crate rest we are going to start my potty training. I’m not sure what that means but I’m SUPER smart so I’m not worried. I’m great with my fommy’s tiny hairless dog that walks on two legs.. human is its breed, I think.

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Feist Mix Age 4 months Weight Status spayed