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We’ve got a super special one for you that is going to take a super special home! Let’s pretend the whole time you’re reading this, we are talking about a cat, it would make much more sense! So, for all of you cat people who need some dog cred on your social media and in your circle of friends, this could be your gal!


This cutie little girl is Aspen. She is a 6ish pound, 9ish year old little girl who was part of a neglect case we saved months ago. Many people were interested in her because heck! she’s abso-freaking-lutely adorable, right? But we do our very best to place our kiddos in appropriate homes for their personalities and sometimes that doesn’t happen overnight. Our fosters really get to know their temporary housemates and try their hardest to match them with their perfect home. Well, Aspen has a perfect home out there somewhere, and we are hoping you can share her so that we can help her find it! 


Let’s start with this... Aspen was likely abused. BUT! She does really enjoy being around her people but it is on HER terms. She will come up to you, sniff you, kiss you, maybe even a lap snuggle, but it’s when she wants to come to you, and kiss you, and snuggle. She doesn’t love to be touched or held most of the time. She does, however, love her doggie foster siblings and it has really helped to improve her confidence. She would do well in a home with welcoming, kind dogs that she could look up to, if she wants 😉 she would not really do well in a home with children though, as fast movements and loud noises may scare her. 


She is quirky and funny and whoever adopts her will surely find her antics amusing! But they are definitely not for everyone. For example, Aspen needs a safe little outside area to go potty in (she’s about 75% house trained). Her foster family has a little doggie pen set up for her outside to use. This is because she is not so great on a harness or a leash. 


Aspen will dance for you, wag her little tail, she will make you smile and make you happy for sure! But she is not a plug and play, easy peasy dog that will be in your purse on your next trip to the mall, or any trip to the mall for that matter. 


So, if you’ve read along this far - THANK YOU!! We realize not everyone has the perfect home for this type of little senior girl, but we know there’s a lid for every pot so if you can please share this girl, she is so excited to find her forever family!! 

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Poodle mix Age 9 years Weight 6 pounds Status spayed