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An Interview with Biscuit (the flopper dog)


Foster Mom: Thanks for taking the time to meet with me, Biscuit. Tell me a little about yourself.

Biscuit: Thanks for having me in your home! As of today, June 28th, I weigh 18 beautiful pounds and I am approximately 17 weeks old. I will be a medium sized dog with the cutest ears everrrrr. I am a Golden Retriever mix of some sort. Oh. And I’m awesome.


FM: Your paws are beautiful. I love to hold them and pet them.

B: Thank you. I like to hold your hand, too.


FM: My task is to help you find your ideal living situation and people who will love you forever. If you could have anything and anyone, what would they be?

B: Hey- thanks for asking! Since I’m a puppy, I’m pretty open to anything! What I would really love is lots of love, snuggles and walks outside. I would really love a fenced in backyard to run and chase balls in and someone who can help me go for long walks on a leash. I like to learn new tricks and be around people.


FM: What is your personality like?

B: I am very gentle and super calm for someone as young as myself. My ability to follow directions is pretty outstanding, especially if there is a treat involved. I already know the general commands “sit, shake, (lay) down, no”. Can I show you? If you want to teach me how to do fun things, I’m your guy! One of the great things about me is I like to run around and play, but as soon as you want me to snuggle, I will just flop down on the floor or on your lap and show you my super soft pink belly so you can rub it!!! They call me the flopper dog. I am great at taking all of my business outside. I have my own house (crate), and I never conduct business in my house, but when I am in a new house, I will need to be taken outside regularly. You know, ‘cause I’m a puppy.


FM: What do you like to do during the day?

B: When my foster people are home, I like to hang out with them. They love to pet me, touch my feet and ears and give me hugs. I love all of that. There are lots of kisses, too. So. Many. Kisses. Treats. Balls. Treats. Kisses. Balls. Kisses. My new little teeth also like to work on a teething bone. It makes them feel sooooo gooood. And If I am working on something I shouldn’t be, just tell me and I’ll listen! And then you can give me my teething bone. I LOVE IT. While my FM is away, I hang out in my house. (crate) I sleep in there at night, and might whimper for a moment and then I just go to sleep. It’s pretty cozy and I feel safe in there. But I aspire to sleeping in a bed like a big dog.


FM: Where did you come from?

B: I am not totally sure, but I was told that I wasn’t going to be allowed to stay in that shelter much longer. But Releash came and took me away from that place and told me how loved I was. I can totally tell I’m loved now.


FM: Biscuit, how did you get that adorable name?

B: Well, you see, my Foster Mom was teaching a kid’s food camp and the kids saw a photo of me. A couple of them said “Biscuit” and since it was a Food camp, they all voted and I became Biscuit! And also, my fur is so soft and light and fluffy!!!


FM: Thanks for your time today, Biscuit. If someone would like to meet you, what should they do?

B: Interested people should fill out the application for me on the Releash Website. Here. I’ll give you the URL. I am ready for my new home!!!


FM: Thanks, Biscuit. I’ll see what I can do for you! In the mean time, stay awesome!

B: Oh yeah. Sure will.

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Pet Details
Gender Male Breed Golden Retriever Mix Age 17 weeks (as of 6.30.19) Weight 18 pounds Status neutered