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*Another dog in the household that likes to play

*Fenced yard

*Someone home often

*No children under 10

Psssst! Psssst! Hey you! Yeah you over there looking lonesome, I’m talking to you! You look like you need a new best friend, and I’m just the fellow to fill that position. I’m young, full of spunky hijinks and I loooove to snuggle! My foster mama sent some of my spit off somewhere and they sent it back with a tag that said I was exactly one-half bichon frise, and exactly one-half miniature poodle! How cool is that? Foster mama says that makes me a bichy-poo, but she always laughs when she says it. I would love love love someone to cuddle with on the cool nights that might be coming up if we don’t get global warmed and turn into Florida! My favorite thing is to hop in the bed with my foster parents and lay my fluffy little head on one of their shoulders and gaze soulfully into their eyes until they give me some room on the pillow. I never had much experience with toys before, but I’m so very smart and I watched my foster siblings play and you know what?- I think tennis balls may be the coolest things ever! I still would rather wrassle with my foster siblings though, and I just don’t think I could ever live somewhere that didn’t have a little bouncy dog like me for me to get the zoomies and mouth wrassle with! Do you have a crazy little dog at home? You do??? Does he or she want a friend? Yes?? Well then, bounce on over to and swipe left when you get to my picture! (really you just click, but foster mama says I’m a smarty pants, so…) Fresca is a 3-4-year-old miniature poodle/bichon frise cross that was found in an urban shelter in Georgia. He spent some time in the hospital due to a recurring rectal prolapse caused most likely by gastric distress, but with a corrective surgery he has recovered and seems to have no problems. Fresca is absolutely the perfect spokesman for his two breeds, and requires a family who understands the “bichon zoomies” and the need for frequent brushing and grooming. He has a voice, and once he’s used to his situation, he does use it, so an apartment may not be the best location for him. He is a very good boy, shy when he first gets into a new situation, but quickly becoming a very charming little clown. He has so much energy, and needs another dog with similar personality, or very long walks and games outdoors, in order to be the happiest and least hurricane-like boy that he can be. Due to his high energy and propensity for mouth wrestling, children under 10 will not be considered. Cats are probably not a good idea either! A stay at home parent or doggie day care would be perfect. Fresca is patiently waiting for his new family and home! In the right family he will be a rock star, so if you think you’d like to meet this floofy little ball of personality, please go to www.releashatlanta and fill out an application today!

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Pet Details
Gender Male Breed Poodle mix Age 3 years Weight 11 pounds Status neutered