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Dog friendly, house trained, crate trained, super easy dog! So why is Skye in foster care? Well, she is what some might call a “super introvert.”

We rescued her from a sad situation where she lived completely outdoors with other dogs but with very little human contact. As a result, she presents herself to new people not so much as a dog but as a furry, practically immobile, lump. She has been fostered with several permanent dogs and a rotating cast of other foster dogs and has done well with every canine companion - she does need a confident playful dog in her new home to continue to demonstrate that she can trust the humans! She also needs a fenced yard to provide a space where she feels comfortable enough to go potty.

But here’s the thing. When you meet Skye, she is not going to approach you. She is not going to make eye contact with you. She will allow you to pet her, heck she would probably allow you to juggle her along with a watermelon and a bowling pin, because she will just be absolutely shut down and withdrawn. She has grown to love and adore her foster mom - follows her around the house, wants to be on her lap for cuddles and belly rubs – and has proven she will warm up to new friends but it takes time. And we are not talking hours or days, we are talking weeks or months.

And we know that is a lot for an adopter – to know you may be coaxing a furry lump out of her shell for quite a long time. But we are confident there is someone out there who will look at that poor sweet face and take pity on a dog that was neglected for the majority of her life. We know there is a special person with the patience and love to invest in Skye! And that patience and love will be rewarded with an absolutely devoted companion.


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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Terrier Mix Age 9 years Weight 32 pounds Status spayed