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Caboodle *ADOPTED*

Hi! My name is Caboodle!

I came from a rural shelter with an urgent medical need, and now that I am fully recovered, I am ready to find my forever home. Here’s some more info about me, so let’s see if we could be a match!

I am 7 years old and weigh 6 pounds. Even though I only have one tooth, I eat like a champ. In fact, when my foster mom prepares my breakfast and dinner (soft/canned food, no kibble obviously), I give a bark of excitement. Our walks… man do I love them. It takes a few tries to get my harness on because I jump like a little goat from anticipation. I love meeting other dogs, even big ones, but they do need to behave. If they try to jump all over me, I let them know by barking that I am not ok with that. I like to sniff around to see who else has visited my neighborhood, so I don’t walk fast, especially when it’s cold and/or rainy... I just don’t like cold and rain. When my little legs get tired after a while, my foster mom picks me up and carries me on her arm, and that’s so lovely… sometimes so lovely that it makes me fall asleep right on her arm.

Hey, I am just a happy girl! Humans who can be with me most of the day would be so great, because I love to hang out with them, whether it is to watch them work from my comfy couch spot, nap with them, or take a ride in the car… it’s all good. I am tiny and like people to be gentle with me, so small children who don’t know yet how to do that with pets, wouldn’t be a good idea.
If you think that we could be a match, reach out to Releash!

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Yorkshire Terrier Age 7 yrs Weight 6 pounds Status spayed