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It was a hot, sweaty day in rural south Georgia and our team was loading the Releash Mobile with recently saved dogs. While on our phones looking for fosters and arranging vetting we looked over to see this girl being led into the shelter. Her belly was on the ground and the look of fear was in her eyes. She was being surrendered. Why? Because she won't hunt. We had a full van, we have little to no resources right now. We literally cannot afford another dog. But we asked "why... are you turning her in?" they replied, well we wanted to shoot her but someone suggested we just take her here.. So our normal line of "you know they kill dogs at shelters like this when they are full" would have most certainly fallen on deaf ears.

We looked at each other, shrugged, and figured we could "figure it out" as far as where to put her and how on earth we would afford her vetting.

So, meet Mila! This is our 10 month old lab/plotthound/goodness only knows what else mix and she is currently settling in to her foster home. She is reportedly SWEET and LOVES kids. She is walking versus the "army crawl" of insecurity and fear.

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed "Pointador" Age 10 months (8.30.16) Weight 60lbs Status spayed