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HEEEYYYY RELEASH FAMILY!! Hazel here, checking in. My foster momma says I'm the most perfectess girl in the world.. If I'm being honest, she says that to her dogs too, and one of them isn't the squeakiest toy in the box if ya know what I mean.. But I know she means it when she says it to me!!

I'm a 9 month old scruffle-lufagus and will most likely be around 10 lbs when I'm all big and stuff. Foster ma says I'm part scruffles, part flying squirrel, and part parrot. That's cause I got these springs in my feet that help me jump from the ground into her arms and once I get there I crawl up to her shoulder for real good snuggle time.

I am super awesome at anything involving cuddles, but I'm good at other stuff too- like walking on a leash and only going potty outside. I do really well off leash too, and make sure to never leave my foster mommy's sight. Ever. Not even in the house. Not even when she goes to the potty. I'm always there. When I'm not being perfect in every way, I'm working my full time job as a leaf investigator. It's fall, so I'm super busy, and make sure to inspect every leaf in sight when we go for walks. Anywhoooo, enough about me, let's hear about you! I'm currently accepting applications for a family to love me forever, could it be you?

kisses and snuggles, 


P.S. I'm great with dogs and kitties too!

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Terrier Mix Age 9 months (1.2016) Weight 8 lbs Status spayed