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Geez Louise I just had to take the reins on this post from my foster mom because she is like literally almost in tears because she can't even get through a sentence without looking at me and telling me she loves me and wants to keep me but can't! 

One of us has to handle this so it will be me. Now, my name is Bronco and I was a hot mess when I left the shelter. However now, I am a little gentleman and I am looking for my forever home. This crazy lady foster mom of mine has used the word "selective" more than once so I am just gonna be honest... See, I have a foster brother that looks JUST like me but he is 15 years old. She rescued him when he was only three and knows very well all of the responsibilities and costs associated with owning a little mini rockstar like me. Example: Dental cleanings annually on top of normal vetting. Birds can literally pick me up and fly away with me. I can fit through almost every fence, fall off any steps. Many big dogs want to eat me because they think I am a squirrel. I mean basically she thinks I am this super special, super fragile thing and well maybe I am but she doesn't even want me to go to a home with little kids because let's be honest, sometimes they're a little "oh look at this little teddy bear" about dogs and we aren't stuffed animals, amiright, amiright? 

So, my stats: I am about one year old and I weigh 5lbs. I am wonderful with all dogs large and small. I am not really house trained but I do use the little pads if they happen to be within, you know, my range. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to snuggle, I love to give you kisses, I wear ridiculous outfits, I am NOT yappy, that's for kids and I am way too cool for that. My foster mom keeps saying I should go to a home with another dog to play with because I love to play! I love toys, I chase sticks, I have been trying to rally this old dude look alike of mine to play but he is NOT having it! I like to keep an eye on you in the house to make sure you don't get lost. My favorite spot to sleep is to burrow under the sheets and sleep beside you, if I am not on your pillow giving you kisses! 

So, if you think you can pass my foster moms test (and I wish I was kidding!), and if you don't have tiny humans, and if you have tiny dog experience then apply for me! It is really unlikely she will make exceptions to her list of my "desires"! This lady means business! #crazyfostermom

Love and kisses,
Bronco Taco

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Pet Details
Gender Male Breed Yorkshire Terrier Age 1 year Weight 5 lbs Status neutered